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Just so you know me and Audra are moving to Hearst castle during the zombie apocalypse in case you want to join our survival team. Serious inquiries only
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This has literally been the busiest but funnest week of my life so that’s why I haven’t been on thx for putting up with me. I am so tired and bruised and sick but hella worth it yes

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Post show hair vs. my natural hair. Joyce Manor needs to take a stand on the real problem at shows
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Aye are any of you seeing tssf tonight in Sacramento hmu

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odaki replied to your post “my response to this whole joyce manor ordeal”

What have you

what have u

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my response to this whole joyce manor ordeal

as a woman who has been to a decent amount of shows i feel like my opinion is somewhat worthy of your time if you’re interested in the topic. i agree with joyce manor to some extent as to the fact that people need to be aware of their surroundings and respect women at shows, it was wrong of them to call out that dude on stage in front of everyone if they didn’t want people stage diving they should’ve stated explicitly before their set they didn’t want to see it not wait until one minute in to scold someone in front of everyone. moving forward, if you are a larger person (no matter the gender) you need to be aware of who you are jumping on, do not just jump. there is enough diversity at shows where you can run across the stage (if need be) and find a sturdy group of people who can handle you jumping on them. if you are a larger person and you jump on a group of smaller women you could seriously injure not only yourself but the people around you. i have no problem with stage divers, weighing 115 pounds and being 5’3 i am not the strongest person and i even have trouble carrying crowd surfers sometimes that is no reason to stop stage diving/crowd surfing/what have you at shows. i know that is it going to happen, i know that usually there is a group of men around me who can help hold the weight just because women may often times be smaller we can still hold our own and have a good fucking time. you are going to show, if you are afraid of getting jumped on or know you can’t handle the crowd then remove yourself from the situation. however, at the same time that is not an excuse for someone who feels comfortable in those situations to blatantly ignore their surroundings and put those around them in danger. there is a thing called show etiquette aka common fucking sense. *drops mic* i’m outtie   

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sorry i haven’t really been on much lately (not that you noticed) i’ve been busy with school/work/living my life/ what have you

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Unplanned matching before and after pics. Last night was fun as heck
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Emma Sulkowicz is on the cover of this month’s New York Magazine and that is the coolest thing wow

America’s Next Top Model’ Cycle 21 makeover